YouTube makes cloud-computing move with release of free video editor. Another tool for user created content.

19 06 2010

Considering an ever increasing amount of content is being digitized for presentation in the online world, the idea of cloud computing continues to garner attention. YouTube signified its belief of the potential that cloud computing holds, at least relating to video content, with the release of a free video editor.

Albeit the editor is rather rudimentary, it should play an important role in solidifying the belief that future computing will take place in the cloud. The current editor only allows users to edit their own videos by altering the arrangement of video clips. However, the mash-up idea is clearly at play here because users can choose to add music tracks from a music library within the editor. The trade-off for this feature is that any music track added to a user’s video automatically inserts an advertisement that will play within the final video. Even though the music library is rather scant for the time being, it is expected to grow as YouTube signs agreements with more copyright owners.

Overall, this basic video editor should play an interesting role in contributing to user contributed content. What is even more interesting though is seeing actual progress towards the practice of cloud computing. Much discussion on the topic has already taken place but now YouTube, the influential player in online video, has acted.

The question that weighs on my mind about this development is whether other sites that rely upon user created content follow suit? If so, how will major editing software companies, such as Adobe, react to these developments?