Top 5 Interactive Ways to Streamline Your Life

7 10 2009

As the title to this post indicates, there are at least five innovative ways that you can make your life a little bit easier. Actually, you could make it a lot easier depending on the steps you take. Working as a group, I assisted three other group members in devising tools that exist today that may be of benefit, especially when it comes to time saving. To further demonstrate the applicability of each resource, we grouped them in what we considered the most appropriate application. Clearly, yours may vary.

1) Digital Assistant
With the proliferation of technology today, it is now possible for people who are too busy to manage their own schedules to have someone on another continent do it for them. As crazy as this may seem, you could have someone else call your cable company to dispute a bill, wait on hold while trying to make a doctors appointment or call to schedule an oil change.
2) Online Banking
Being a trailblazer in interactive business models, banks have become popular in terms of the services offered through their websites. Specifically, bill pay features eliminate the need for users to write physical checks as the bank does it for you. Also, automatic bill pay features are handy by reducing the need for users to remember to login each month to pay utility bills. Users can set reminders where the billed amount is automatically deducted from the users account.
3) Online Grocery Shopping
As people live increasingly busy lives, finding the time to sit down and compose a grocery list, let alone go to the grocery, is quite a challenge. Some supermarket chains have realized this and devised methods to make your purchase easier and less time consuming. By registering at a supermarkets website, users can make a list and submit it to the nearest store. A store employee will compile the users requested items and –for a fee of course—deliver the groceries to the users home.
1) Google Calendar
Google continues to innovate on everyday ideas, in this case through an interactive calendar. As a free service to Google members, users can easily input and edit upcoming appointments. This feature allows users to specify when certain tasks must be tended to and it sends emails to your mailbox as reminders. Throw out the old paper planner; a computer has it covered.
Social Media
1) Ping.FM
Chances are that you are one of many millions who have a social media account. Either it be Facebook, twitter, MySpace and others, it can be cumbersome to update your status on the account individually. Have no fear; your time is spared with Ping.FM. This tool allows a user to simultaneously update once and have the update be applied to all of the specific account that user maintains. In this sense, everyone will know what a user is up to, at the same time, on any social media platform, will minimal time commitment.