Making my Web experience Delicious

7 11 2009

Bookmarking online content has become a relatively commonplace activity. I bet if you were to ask a random sampling of Internet users if they have bookmarked content recently, many would answer in the affirmative. With this in mind, I recently made a concerted effort to utilize a pretty nifty bookmarking application called Delicious.

Before I continue, I should preface that I have previously harbored great resistance to Delicious because I did not see its purpose. As I saw things, why would I want to go through the trouble of downloading this application when I already had the power to bookmark online content through my web browser? Well, my friends, here is what helps set Delicious apart from the pack: versatility. Delicious is unique because instead of saving metadata to your computer in the manner that a web browser bookmark would, Delicious saves this data independently from your computer. What this means is that every single webpage you bookmarked is accessible every time you log online, on any computer.

Since I started to work Delicious into my online user experience, I have been impressed. Now that I have taken the first step, I have grown to really like the tool. To make your experience even more user friendly, I highly suggest downloading the Delicious toolbar so you have easy access to Delicious features through a series of several little buttons installed on your standard web browser.

Since I am not someone who is a major bookmarking fiend, I am not necessarily using the full capability that Delicious has to offer. However, if you are one of those people who bookmarks dozens of sites each day, Delicious is very capable of taking on the task of easily organizing and categorizing all this data. Unlike standard web browser bookmarking, Delicious makes it very easy to arrange all bookmarks in precisely the organizational manner you the user sees best to fit your purposes. It all comes back to versatility. Delicious has done well to make bookmarking content a more user-friendly experience.