Impacting music through interactive media application

23 10 2009

As a nascent interactive media student, I am just beginning to understand and apply concepts relating to the form and function of interactive media. One such example of this application is forthcoming in a small group project. Within this vein, everything revolves around a band…

Hypothetically speaking, a band

Hypothetically speaking, a band

The project is one that I consider to hold great potential if approached with a solid footing and appropriate resources. We are currently in the discover phase of working with an established band to understand how we can best apply interactive media principles, along with our collective skill sets, to elevate the band into the next level of music world bliss. Is it too much for us to handle? I don’t think so, as long as we have a clear roadmap of the bands aspirations. In the first discussion our group held with one of the band’s founders, it was clear that there are at least two key areas where the band feels they are lacking. The first is a lack of micomedia presence. They have social media presence established, such as Facebook and Myspace. However, they self admit that they have avoided venturing into Twitter and similar tools because they are unsure of the point behind their use. Another area where there is room for improvement relates to the bands electronic press kit. This feature is pretty important when considering that many times this is the tool on the forefront of the bands image, the first exposure a performance venue may have with the band. If the press kit appears to be of a template design, where the true identity of the band is constrained, this presents a problem.

I am excited to explore how my skills, matched with those of my group, will mesh with the future trajectory of an interesting musical group. More and more musical personalities are moving greater resources into online spaces to connect with audiences in various interactive manners. If our group can better connect this band with their established fan base, we have provided a service. However, if we can expand the band’s fan base by reaching those who would be interested in their music if only they knew of their existence, we maybe on to the beginning of something big.



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