Lacking solid drawing skills? No fear, make it a photo!

9 10 2009

Let me preface this post by reflecting on a fact of life. Some people are naturally artistic; they just seem to have the mojo to make something look awesome in a variety of forms or fashions. Then there is the “other” group, which is where I belong. I am not artistically inclined. With that said, I could not help but perk up when I learned this morning of an awesome tool that gives me, and all the other artistically lacking folks out there, a glimmer of hope! It is called Photosketch. It is pretty sweet.

On initial appearance, the Photosketch program is really a very rudimentary drawing program that incorporates the Internet and algorithms to generate magical results. A person draws a very basic shape in the plain Jane drawing page and for every item drawn an identification tag is generated to indicate what the drawn shape is suppose to represent. Once the user has finished drawing the basic shapes, Photosketch searches online for images that match the tags of the items drawn by the user. For instance, if the user drew a house and identified it as a log cabin, Photosketch will compile actual pictures of log cabins on the Internet. Once the search has generated numerous pictures, the algorithms go to work. They sort out which pictures do not fit the user’s drawing criteria and begins blending the most appropriate results to correlate with the drawing. Due to the inherent commands built into the algorithms, this process can be repeated in rounds in order to keep fine-tuning the resulting images to ensure the most seamless integration of multiple images together.

So there you have it, a means of turning your artistic visions into reality. Due to the behind-the-scenes work going on with the program, think algorithms, the resulting final product is pretty realistic. Now if you were a photo expert, I surmise you could tell some manipulation occurred. However, most of us are not. Therefore when a photo catches your eye, you take notice and appreciate it. Does this mean I consider myself in the naturally artistic group now? No, but Photosketch provides some hope that maybe, just maybe, I can impress others and myself along the way.



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9 10 2009
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