A confluence of words and a concept

18 09 2009

Earlier today while sitting down and thinking over class thus far in the semester, my mind started connecting words on a page — which I will explain below — to words delivered via Skype in class. The parallel brought life to a concept that was initially introduced to me as ink on a piece of paper.

The words on a page, ink on paper references are to the material covered in the enlightening book “Groundswell” by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff. While reading through sections of the book and understanding how the power of people can turn a traditional business operation upside down among other things, I could not shake, nor did I want to, a fundamental message found on page 18. That message reads as follows: “…concentrate on the relationships, not the technologies.” These words carry significant weight in light of the breakneck speed of online expansion. However, these words also carried a personal significance. To elaborate on this, I should reference a class discussion with Mark Luckie.

The opportunity for our class to hold a Skype discussion with Mr. Luckie was a great means of personalizing concepts relating to the online landscape. One of the difficulties I have found myself having in the online world is with blogs. Now that I am blogging for several classes, I have found myself being stumped what to write about or how to write about a topic. I have asked myself why write about Topic A when it seems multitudes of other people out there have been writing about Topic A for months or years before I entered the blogging scene. I am not looking to beat a dead horse. The discussion with Mr. Luckie provided perspective though. While struggling to find my “voice” online and write as I feel comfortable expressing myself, Mr. Luckie made a very worthwhile comment. He noticed that since he started blogging on a regular basis it is almost always the blog posts of his that are last minute that garner the greatest interest and reader response. This was a valuable realization for me. This casual comment showed what happens when a blogger, a rather good one at that, find their voice. Mr. Luckie has found his voice and has virtually run with it ever since. He seems comfortable in what he writes about and how he frames his message. Due to this, people enjoy what he discusses and they are drawn to participate in what he has to say. I hope that through the “Groundswell” message and Mr. Luckie’s lessons I can harness my voice online in the near future



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