Interactive Application and Variation

7 09 2009

It is only fitting that my first post relating to my direct classroom experience will touch on a range of material. This is similar to what it can be like when trying to grasp what “interactive media” truly is or how it appears. Rather, it is critical. Follow me here.

Instead of listening to one professor lecture continually for an entire classroom session, wouldn’t the experience be much more engaging if there were other sources of information? Not one voice, but several, in different forms, igniting multiple senses. Sound interesting? That is what we are touching upon in class thus far. Today, there were no whistles or squirt guns as learning props but a video clip humorously predicting what social networking will look like in year 3000. You can thank Conan O’Brien of NBC’s “Tonight Show” fame for that tongue-and-cheek contribution.

Humor aside though, interactive media is going to play a tremendous role in such a wide array of applications, being able to touch on just a small fraction of the possibilities encompasses so much information. Case in point, discussing our individual research proposals in class. My peers were exploring issues such as philanthropy, future of documentaries, Web 3.0, personal branding and marketing. Every one of these topics is and will increasingly become more interactive. The status quo of operating by means traditional media exclusively is quickly disappearing. One example of marketing interactivity was shown in class, our university campus present in the famed Second Life game. I can only imagine what the facial reactions would be if, say 20 years ago, I approached Elon University alumni and stating in total seriousness that their beloved university would have a presence in an electronic world. I get a smile thinking of the bewilderment of people just attempting to understand the meaning of my spoken words.

Arguably to a lesser degree, that bewilderment is present among many facets of society right now when it comes to the changing media landscape. This leads me to my final point. I do not know all the answers regarding interactive media. That is why I am here to learn as much as I can in an intensive year of study and application. Judging by the diversity of interactive media applications my classmates research proposals hint at, there is much to learn. That learning has begun.



One response

8 09 2009

“I do not know all the answers…” Good stuff. The blogosphere is lousy with inflated egos. Nice to see some humility.

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